April 11, 2011
ESDi former students show their projects at the Arts Libris Fair

Opening of the Arts Libris Fair Interview with the responsibles for Arts Libris, Óscar Guayabero and Rocío San Claudio. The School of Design (ESDI) will attend. Former students in graphic design degree Luis Anaya, Laia López, Monica Bedmar and Velia Bach will be there as expositors. They’ll have a table to show their PFC (final projects). The first three students designed an author book and while the latter, Velia, after the university, she has been dedicated to the artwork. The student ESDi Antonio Ortega has also been called to the Fair, but willnot attend as it is abroad. ESDi Professors Elisabeth Ferrándiz(audiovisual department head), and Maia Creus (Ph.D Lecturer in History and Theory of Art, will attend the Fair. The author book is an alternative to manufactured and has had tradition in Catalonia. There has been a drop of publishers, but artists and creators still have some work. According to Oscar Guayabero, a responsible for the Fair, the emergence of digital books could give prominence to the author book that so far has not had. ESDi Presentation in the Fair catalog: Among the six profiles, including the formation of ESDi Degree in Design, within the graphic design, editorial side is one of the leading fields. Projects are undertaken ranging from clean, minimalist design to the more personal and experimental proposals, through all kinds of resources. These projects are an example of the talent of our graduates visual (illustration, photography,...). The Fair comes to the 2nd edition. Their responsibles say it attempts to establish an annual meeting point between artists and creators, publishers, collectors and people interested in this art. And above all encouraging the market and get more public the art book.