September 20, 2011
ESDi fashion graduates participating in the showroom of the EGO

They have in the showroom of EGO. The EGO is the space of young talent in the Fair. On one side is a showroom, a space that these people have to show and sell their collections to the attendees of the fair. In addition, there are 10 selections that also have the opportunity to showcase their creations in a parade. In this edition, the 2 nd, 2011, (the first was held in February) are 4 marks (A-Couple, The Walrus Tusk, Cati Serrano and El Suso) and 6 graduates and alumni ESDI have the opportunity to take part in this event. It is not the first time ESDi graduates participating in the EGO. The Walrus Tusk, Cati Serrano, A-American Couple and Perez, who is not involved in this issue have already taken part, and some of them, paraded. For example, walrus tusks and American Cati Serrano Perez did in the September issue.