February 03, 2011
ESDi External Professor Àlex Miravalles, in an article on the HP website

Alex Miravalles is design director at the Catalan multinational Ta-Tay Plastics, which manufactures household products mainly made of plastic. Previously, the process of designing our company’s products was slower, as the development of prototypes could only be carried out at the end of the creative stage. But things have changed and accelerated product development. As Àlex Miravalles explains "the HP Designjet allows the production of a greater number of prototypes in the multiple stages of product development". This represents a savings of 40 percent of the total time needed to complete a product. Not only that. The final product quality is always better, "the industrialization process involves constant trial and error in the design stage. The more you can develop product prototypes, models and simulations, the better will be the final outcome". Among other advances, the HP Designjet 3D calculates the time and amount of material needed to reproduce the design. The use of this technology is definitely a step forward in improving product design and provides more competitive companies.