November 08, 2011
ESDi establishes new collaborations with Mola TV

The new framework of collaboration is for 2 years. The contents related to the ESDI disseminated Mola TV broadcast during the day and time slots with audiences. Mola TV is the first local television Valles (local television audience over the Vallès Occidental) is the sixth local television in the province of Barcelona. It has an average weekly audience of 18,109 viewers. The planned actions are - The creation of awards, which are inserted into a subject’s Degree in Audiovisual Design. For the first thought in the making of audiovisual design masks that identify a series of TV programs Mola (the prize is a trip to San Sebastian Film Festival) - The dissemination of the contents of ESDI Mola TV TV - Mola TV coverage of the upcoming International Conference on Design and Innovation ESDi - The ’gigs’ from Mola TV ESDi or, put another way, the use of campus ESDi in the production of external TV ... Mola, which will involve promotion of the school between viewers of the channel. - Given the importance in the design of the contents of the ESDI in social networks, Mola TV will cover. Mola TV video reporting the agreement between both institutions