January, 28
ESDI drives a research project in collaboration with the Estruch about to apply wearables to blind and deaf people

ESDi Design School begins to work together with the Factory Live Arts Creation l’Estruch, to develop targeted at blind and deaf products. Both entities have created a research team composed of several entities in the sector to work in types of products that can be implemented in the performing arts and to enable both groups follow a certain action without the help of an interpreter.




The project is the starting point for an investigation in the area of wearables that already had a first stage in "The Wearable Fashion Orchestra" (The App Date 2014 Award for the most innovative project) project led by ESDi. Now, however, the project evolves into other social areas that require this type of parts able to interact through sound and may have a specific medical or social application. In this line, ESDi is also working on the adaptation of this concept in the field of biomedicine with a major medical center in collaboration with a team of doctors at the same hospital.

The wearables incorporate textiles and consumer technology that make the piece like a part of the body to interact with the environment itself capable.