June 10th 2013
ESDi Director, Dr. Llorenç Guilera, participates in the round table ’University Computing: First applications and services’

On Wednesday June 12 at 12am at the UOC, Dr. Llorenç Guilera, ESDi Director, will participate in the round table ’University Computing: First applications and services’, the third of the series History of Computing in Catalonia and Spain: Pioneer times where the origins of our computing history are explained by its protagonists.

In the above tables it was shown in detail the Catalan pioneers companies in the manufacture of computers and the large computer project of the ’92 Olympics. In this third edition, the first computer projects in Catalan and Spanish universities, and the first computing services that were organised will be shown. Therefore, this round table will feature four major professional who led and directed those projects.

Dr. Llorenç Guilera, Director of the Higher School of Design ESDi (URL) is one of the speakers at this table since he was responsible for launching the first University Computer Service in Catalonia at the University of Barcelona when he had not still finished his degree. The other three speakers who form the table are: Mr. Francesc Noguera, IT Deputy Manager (UOC), Dr. Isidre Ramos, Professor at UPV and Dr. Pere Botella, Professor at UPC, who will moderate the round table.

Dr. Llorenç Guilera