May 5th 2015
ESDi collaborates in the exhibition "Barcelona Transgressive Designers" of Singapore

From 2 to 17 may 2015, the National Singapore Design Center hosts the exhibition “Barcelona Trangressive Designers: from Art to Design”, driven by the ESDi Eva Riu graduate with the collaboration of the Design Singapore Council and BCD Barcelona Design Centre and institutions such as the higher School of Design ESDi.




With the aim to promote the potential of creatives from Barcelona, the sample is formed by objects of decoration, ceramic, accessories, jewellery, fashion, footwear and bags, among others, that stand out for its artistic value or by its innovative component on the concept, methodology, material or aesthetics.


On the other hand, from May 18 to June 18, the Kapok store will host a commercial action in formed pop up store in which the public can buy the products of 23 designers and brands on display.


Designers and brands are Uniqbrow, Papiroga, Ana Tichy, Krasznai, Ölend, Silvando Bajito, Miriam Cernuda, Espelma&Louise, Andrea Viêntec, Woodys Barcelona, Berta Sumpsi, Ranran Design, Alba Casares, Amalia Vermell, Miteta, Vaho, Equipaje Barcelona, RebelRoot, MedioDesign, Prógono, Eliurpí, Zazo & Brull.