26 April, 2014
ESDi collaborate in the First Marathon Clothing Recycling. Reinnova Award

ESDI is collaborating in the First textil recycling Marathon from Valles that will be held on April 26th at the Fira de Sabadell. It is a clothing design competition with a time -delimited and use clothing collection container as raw material.

Marathon is aimed at design students and fashion designer and novice and amateurs designers interested in creating and reusing clothes. You can participate individually or in groups of maximum 3 people. The winner are taking a prize of 600 euros.

To register have time to send the registration form to mail until 11 April 2014.

For more information you can download the rules here.

The aim of this marathon is to sensitize the public about new designers and textile waste , promote reuse and promote ecodesign . The start of the masterclass will give the designer Jana Alvarez.