October 22, 2012
ESDi celebrates World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

At the entrance of the center will be four different screens with the projection of the best work of ESDi students, experimental screening of clips, animated shorts Arts Festival Futura and video pieces by renowned artists. Also in the ESDi hall will be one of the great attractions of the day: an interactive screen. The installation will consist of a large glass giant canvas for people passing through the center hall to approach her, take a brush and write. The brush to contact the glass canvas (through a series of sensors), will result in the projection screen color effects: Drip and painting . There will be all-day session cinema with popcorn in ESDi Auditorium. At 9 AM will screen the film Sunrise , a masterpiece of silent film by German director FW Murnau. At 10.45 you will see Where the Wild things are of Spike Jonze adaptation of a children’s story by Maurice Sendak. At 12:40 Citizen Kane by Orson Welles and at 14.50 Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock. All activities scheduled to mark the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (27 october) are open and free. The purpose of the celebration of DIPA is to encourage the preservation of cultural heritage, considering that part of it is represented by moving images.