November 25, 2011
ESDi brings their vision for economic development

Members of ESDi who took part in the conference are Carlos Jimenez, professor and head of the Departmental Unit of Product and Interior ESDi and Juan Alberto Favaro, eronomia professor and member of the unit output the school. The seminar was organized to the training center of Sabadell Mills Can. There are nine participating European cities of Besançon France, Charleroi in Belgium ... and Sabadell including playing host to. The seminar is part of Esimec (Economic Strategies and Innovation in Medium Size Cities). It is an initiative of the URBACT II of the European Union. Some of the matters to be discussed have been supporting businesses through advice or a service with a service office, training of workers and the early detection of the changing needs of businesses. The Deputy Mayor of the Department of Central Services of Sabadell City Council, Montserrat Capdevila, chaired the event and presented the proposals of Sabadell.