April 29, 2010
ESDi begins design night studies

To access to the studies must show work experience, or minimum level of study Advanced, or two years of universitary studies. The studies are:

Design technician (Degree of ESDi)

  • Studies: specialization in design, with a duration of two years, to obtain multi-disciplinary skills and its applications to the different aspects of design. Involve the completion of a final synthesis project to obtain the degree.
  • Requirements: accredit work experience, or a minimum level of Higher education, or two years of college.
  • These studies, for those who have the qualify for university entrance, direct access to the official university degree in Design of ESDi.

Degree in Design (official university title)

  • Studies: adapted to the European Higher Education, framed within the degrees of Ramon Llull University. Have a duration of four academic years, with a teaching load of 240 academic credits (60 credits per course), including the Final Project. The curriculum offer six specialties: Graphic, Product, Interiors, Fashion, Audiovisual and multidisciplinary integration.
  • For those students who require it, according to their working conditions, official university level studies in design can be taken in five years.
  • Requirements: demonstrate that they have the requirements of university entrance.
The application period for this new range of studies in design, aimed at people aware of the growing importance of this discipline and who wish to reorient or professionalize their training will begin next May. You can registry personally in the support center in Barcelona (Paseo de Gracia, 114 Pral. 08008 Barcelona), or in the Campus of Sabadell (Marqués de Comillas, 81-83. Sabadell 08202). Or to the email address