March 02, 2010
ESDi becomes the protagonist in March in BarcelonaVisió

During the month of March the Barcelona website ( will show a recording of the center and a large selection of videos made by students in order to reveal the school, which studies are gave and what kind of audiovisual projects can be did. At the same time, boys and girls have the opportunity to upload and share videos on the site, vote on which ones they like, download them, post them on Facebook, recommend them to friends or insert it into other websites using the embed code. When the month ends the creator or creators of the video that has accumulated the most votes will be interviewed by the team of Barcelona Visió. This personalized video will be recorded in high definition (HD) and available on the website for download. This initiative will continue over the coming months and plans to bring a focus to other schools and universities. Barcelona Visió is the interactive web portal of the Barcelona City Council made by the team of DeBoom Studio ( which collects audiovisual works of the city in HD and for free download. The site, which was born in 2007 of March, is now presented in its version 2.0 as a meeting of audiovisual that is being created in the city of Barcelona. In this sense, students and professionals, producers, film festivals and individual Internet users share their videos in this platform system using Creative Commons licenses ( The site also shows monthly reports of self-created about various subjects such as art, science, architecture, design, film and sport offering to users a bank of videos of Barcelona in HD of free download.