April 25 2016
ESDi approved verification by the AQU Title Official Degree in Design


Just a few days ago it became public the results of the prestigious ranking of BBVA where ESDi emphasized as first recommended Catalan university to study design and the center has received, as a second good news: an Evaluation Committee external (EEC), proposed by the Agency for Quality in the University System of Catalonia (AQU) has assessed positively the central and authorizes further develop Degree in Design.


On October 26, 2015, the School of Design ESDi was visited by the External Review Committee (EEC). This Committee evaluated the center under the Accreditation Program, which all official university degrees must pass before six years from its initial check, to verify that the certification is being developed as was planned. Following this visit, the EC issued a report in which "recommends Specific Evaluation Committee Arts and Humanities issuing a favorable report accreditation for certification assessed, accredited level." An assessment which was confirmed and made official on 21 April.


EEC as well issued a very positive report for the center and underlines elements such as infrastructure, its human endowment (faculty and staff personnel) and the quality of their teaching method. Highlights, among others, the following strengths:

- The involvement of those responsible for the proper development of the training plan.
- The quality of teachers and their motivations for improving their career advancement and involvement in research.
- The excellent teaching coordination that gives consistency to training.
- The constant desire to improve.
- The student satisfaction with the treatment and training received, boosted in part by the familiar and close atmosphere of the school.
- The high degree of adequacy of the Centre’s facilities and the budget line dedicated to the maintenance and purchase of innovative material.


So, AQU issues a favorable rating and grants, as is required, a new period of 6 years for ESDi can continue to provide the same consistency and demand that until now training Official University Degree in Design. As it is marked for all institutions providing an official title in the Single European Higher Education.