January 28, 2013
ESDi appear in La 2 tv programm "Tinc una idea"

"Tinc una idea" program team interviewed sr. Antoni Garrell, Director General of the Fundit, who asked regarding the employability of students ESDi Design, and the importance of discipline as a tool to overcome the crisis. Also interviewed Nooem team, Sabadell company linked to school with different projects with students. The program showed a special interest in the project that ESDi ESDiempresa developed since 2010. This is a support center for graduates and school leavers who choose to create their own company. "Tinc una idea" visited facilities to ESDiempresa and met with two of the teams are currently working: Mitjadotzena and Tabula Rasa and Lluis Rodero. Dimo enterpreneurs are working in ESDiempresa too. Moreover, the program also wanted to talk to Marc Alvarez, about his personal project: DEFYNED a signature tie collection with graffiti based designs. Here, you can see the final programm and the making of.

"Tinc una idea" de TV2 visita l’ESDi from ESDiTV on Vimeo.