june 17th
ESDi announces the 16th edition of the ’Design in our life’ contest

ESDi announces the 16th edition of ’The Design in Our Life’ contest to reward Baccalaureate and Higher Level Training Cycle (HLTC) 2nd year students that have carried out a research project or a HLTC project related to design or art, with excellent academic qualifications and which, -at the discretion of the school itself- may be subject to special recognition.

Interested students should submit their proposals before June 21. These may be delivered personally or sent by post to the Higher School of Design ESDI without the student’s name and including in a white envelop and apart: a sheet with student data, an original certificate or certified copy of the excellent rating project work or an original letter from the school address proposing the candidature of the student.

The jury, made up of ESDi teachers, will give the verdict on June 28 at 17h. The first students prize is 8,000 euros used to pay the enrolment for the official University degree in Design given at ESDi (2,000 euros per year during the 4 years) and the first prize for the tutor: 6,000 euros for the payment of entire course enrolment for a Master at ESDi. As for the second award, the student will receive 4,000 euros for the enrolment (1,000 euros per year during the 4 years) and 3,000 euros for the tutor for the enrolment of master at ESDi.

For further information, please check the contest rules:


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