July 24th 2013
ESDi and the City Council of Sabadell renew their collaboration commitment to local sustainability

The Sabadell City Council and the Higher School of Design ESDi have signed a new cooperation agreement for the academic year 2013-2014 with the aim of developing new local sustainability projects applying eco-design criteria and new tools for environmental communication. The signing took place on July 24 and has had the assistance of Mr. Antoni Garrell, General Director of the Foundation for ESDi who stressed that the challenges we face now are ’to design services and smart products’ and Mr . Lluis Monge, Sustainability and Ecosystem Management governing who wanted to stress that ’there is no sustainability without design’.

Under the agreement, both will work to provide the city with new projects, ideas and communication tools for local sustainability.

Thus, it is planned to carry out projects such as audiovisual capsule design theme of sustainability work in any environment with the aim of social awareness, design and structuring pedagogical paths in the urban environment with the use of mobile devices and the implementation of projects and applied research studies to help achieve the implementation of Agenda 21 +10 Sabadell, through case studies and design applied to urban gardens and students, among others.

Among the major agreements of this agreement are: support the development of educational pedagogical paths in the city, with the use of new technologies, and taking the city as an educator; applications for better use and usability of public space, such as , urban gardens or areas of residence in the municipality with the implementation of eco-design elements to optimize their interest from the public, and extend collaboration to improve visualization of the work done by the students of the public school and incorporate the results of the various projects in the city.

For ESDi, its career in sustainability has a long introduction, with applications in multiple curricular pathways such as Product, Multidisciplinary Integration (Design Management), Media, Fashion or Graphic. In the case of the City Council, the networking strategy is aligned with the objectives of Agenda 21 +10 and local sustainability strategic plan through 2020.


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