November 12th
ESDi and Pulltaps company give the prizes to the best proposals worked in the corkscrews creation and experimentation workshop, Diví

On Thursday, November 7th took place the awards ceremony for the express creation workshop Diví, which was made during the first half of October in collaboration with the company Pulltap’s . Pulltap’s representatives made a brief assessment of each of the proposals and finally delivered two prizes and a second prize.

On one hand, the proposal from Pol Lopez and Oriol Real, for its innovative and revolutionary proposal and for the challenge it took to resolve it and on the other hand, the proposal of Cristina Álvarez, Diana Ávalos and Isabel Barrena, for a job well done and for the tact in understanding the needs and for the formalization of the proposal, received the award consisting of some tickets for several workshops to choose from the Barcelona Design Week and FADFest design congress to be held later this year.
Finally, Jordi Bayona and Toni Murillo, for its proposed graphics applied to packaging, received a second prize consisting of the entrance to the Blanc Festival of graphic design and and Masterclass of Mucho and Clase BCN that will take place on November 15 and 16 in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

This act gives way to the next phase of the project starting next week, from the Product and Usability Unit of Spaces, will continue to work with the winning students to develop and define an innovative corkscrew in relation to the form and operation from proposals Express worked during the workshop .