April 28 2017
ESDi adds another workshop in collaboration with the CCCB to design a participatory project on biodiversity in Barcelona

On Tuesday April 18, Dr. Josep Perelló physics gave a talk to students of different specialties who have enrolled in the workshop promoted by the school to take the opportunity to collaborate with the CCCB and the project Environmental Health Clinic XBarcelona artist Natalie Jeremijenko.

The workshop will be held with the architects and Susansa Aristoy Miquel Mariné during the month of May. Based on the vision of the Environmental Health Clinic changing under the discourse of contemporary environmentalism emphasis on creative action, collective research and public participation, the students try to design a collective experience which aims to increase biodiversity with the construction of a biological corridor in the area of ​​the Mar Bella in Barcelona.

The project starts to imagine the future of the city in a participatory manner through a process of collective research. So you want to invite a wide range of citizens to participate in an iterative set of actions in a public space to respond collectively to six major challenges, among which are the biodiversity in the city.