18th February 2014
Ergonomics and spaces focus the second Day of the International Congress of Design and Innovation of Catalonia (CIDIC) in ESDI

On this day, the specialist design of public space and landscape architect, Enric Pericas, has been responsible for giving the go-ahead with the paper " The key exchange as urbanity: The collective seat. Pericas has focused his presentation on urban spaces understood as tools to promote the meeting and emphasized the romantic concept that exists behind the premise of "shared spaces." The architect has exhibited the work performed and discussed products Escofet collective seat as the modular bank, lungo mare, binocular or Sillarga Sicurta bench. The architect has also taken the opportunity to introduce Twig, a piece of collective seat concrete or plastic that is used in various areas such as golf courses, universities, parks, etc...

Pericas has concluded his presentation by presenting Vilnius Duplo, a bench of 3 meters was installed in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, a place where never before had placed a bench. All an experiment that demonstrates the ability to reinterpret citizen public areas collaboratively.



After the mid-morning coffee break, the lectures have resumed their role leading to Marc de Rooij, architect, professor and associate specialist ESDI new architectural models for the impact of demographic change. De Rooij has centered his speech around one question: how to change our way of living and to project? And if you look at the population pyramid has presented Spanish De Rooij , the age group most increase between now and 50 years is the range of people over 80 years. This, necessarily, "provides an opportunity for new designers," said the architect, "as households increasingly have to adapt to the needs of this population will age."


Then Dr. Ricardo Devesa, architect ETSA Valencia, presented the full-scale domestic spaces. Devesa explained the importance of the tree in domestic spaces. In fact, in the s. XX each time has been more architects have focused their project on trees. According Devesa, "incorporate trees with architecture makes changing conception between inside and outside" and concluded by stating that "architecture should be understood as a sensitive element to sunlight, which resists rain water to wind strength and wealth of minerals. "



To close the batch of morning lectures, Laia Feixas, professor and Usability Unit Product Spaces ESDI , has given way to a round table where the three speakers have spoken and the same teacher also Mireia Puig Unit . This has been a good opportunity for attendees to ask questions of the speakers and discussion on ergonomics, de Rooij, "is not static, but must be customized much opening”. In the same vein, Enrique Pericas said that for him " the ergonomics of a piece is conceived when the footprint left by the user in a product is missing when you stop shadow." Mireia Puig added that for her, "ergonomics has a mental and emotional part that depends on many things". Finally the Dr.Devesa, wanted to conclude by saying that in the last 20 years, " there has been an addition of more human values in the world of architecture " and that , despite the growth in the value of technology in many processes " the designer can not lose sight of human behavior."



Lectures have resumed in the afternoon with a presentation by the architects for the UPC , Mariona  Alcaraz and Galdric Ruiz , entitled "Synapcity". A project of the first question : What is sustainable and what is not ? And that is developed from the theory that "perhaps are not the things that are to be sustainable, but the uses made of these." In this project working to change the perception of people suffer from observation and inputs of new information and how to disseminate it. "We want to develop the transmission of information that directly attacks the perception of things," they explained .



The second day of Congress has put an end to his workshop "Food Design " , taught by Pep Pujol interior designer and industrial designer and collaborator Ivan Merino ESDI . The day of Wednesday, February 19, will focus on " values and perception."