3rd February 2014
Erasmus students arrive at ESDI

Nervous. That’s the feeling that students from  Erasmus have  felt when they have arrived on February 3 at the School of Design ESDI to take it the rest of the academic year. In total, ESDI has received 23 students from around the world this semester, but today it was the official day of the presentation and welcomed the students, only 13 could attend Erasmus , while the rest are still his country finishing the first semester exams.

The charge of International Relations ESDI Mireia Fabrega , and Dr. and school teacher Enrique Puig, have welcomed the new students who join to acquire more about the design skills. In addition, they have the information needed to navigate the city and have the added advantage of an opportunity to enrich themselves at the aspect as professional staff .


Then Mireia Fàbrega toured the school in order to show them the workshops, the lobby , bar and classrooms for students. From here, we Erasmus will attend all the classes they want and actually have time to do so until February 17 , which will be formalized when the official registration . In this way students can make a small taste of all the content on the subjects that  ESDI have and decide , based on the credits they need,  the subjects based on their interests and tastes.