11th February 2014
Entrepreneurship Masterclass in the second edition of ESDiPreneurs Breakfast



On February 11th, at 9:00 am, the second edition of ESDiPreneurs Breakfast occurred. In this second chapter has participated Francesc Queralt, founder of Social Energy and Social Car and the entrepreneur Koldo Goikoetxea from The Social Coin phenomenon.


During the event, which was held in the auditorium of the School of Design ESDI, the two speakers have presented their projects and have given their opinion on the entrepreneurial phenomenon that has emerged in the country in recent years. In fact, the speakers today have become protagonists of this new phenomenon and have taken the opportunity to open a discussion, answer questions from the student assistants.


The presentation of Francesc Queralt was the first one, explaining the Social Energy and Social Car project, and giving advice about entrepreneurship. "I think it’s more important to bring a product to market as soon as possible, and then modifying. You should invest when you have already verified that the product works and is in demand," advised Francesc Queralt. The founder of Social Energy and Social Car added that "listening, reading, attending conferences and learning to learn is how you grow up," and concluded by saying that "your generation has an advantage: it has learned to share information through social networks and this will benefit you in the future.


"Then, as the title mark the event, attendees were able to make a small breakfast while waiting for the second presentation, and at the same time, been used to make contacts and exchange views on the previous conference.


Meanwhile, Koldo Goikoetxea, which has been dedicated to industrial design and later in social entrepreneurship, explained his project. And that is the union of industrial design and social entrepreneurship The Social Coin, a company that has created, along with other friends, to try to change the world emerged. Goikoetxea believed to be assured that society must act, remembering what makes us human and that is why The Social Coin has devised a project that manufactures and distributes coins starting Candid chains that can track and measure actions.