February 13, 2013
Eneko Iturbe wins the Young Designers’ Basque Contest

Eneko Iturbe, a 4th year student of the Degree in Fashion Design, has won the Young Designers’ Contest of the Basque Country 9th edition with his collection "A perfect disorder". The contest was celebrated at the Artea’s Shopping Centre where 8 young people with prospects for the future in the design and the clothing line creation showed as much their collections as their talent and aptitudes. The guipuzcoan boy exhibited his collection "A perfect disorder" playing with the order and the disorder concepts and using a minimalist trend usually common in his designs. Thanks to his creativity, design and execution, the jury chose his proposal. Eneko Iturbe will be the Basque Country’s representative at the National Fashion Awards for Young Designers which will be celebrated in Madrid on February 28th.