7th May 2014
Encarna Ruiz, head of the Fashion Trends, won the title of Doctor



Two and a half years after being investigated over Los blogs fashion: from journalism to marketing’, the professor and head of the ESDI Trends and Fashion Encarna Ruiz has achieved the title of Doctor.


The thesis that Dr. Encarna Ruiz was presented last week, focuses on the analysis of discursive tools that appear on blogs fashion, and journalism often away for installing on a more personal. In addition, studying this new phenomenon has allowed revealing the connections between the fashion industries in Spain.


The idea of the thesis explains the Doctor at the sight of that little research had been done on the subject, and that there was no Spanish publication about blogging and has turned his thesis on an original unique and novel . "I wanted to do a thesis combining two disciplines, journalism, which is graduated in information science and communication; and design" says the Doctor.


The fact that the professor of the School of Design ESDI attain a doctorate demonstrates the enormous potential there is research in the field of Fashion Design, which is that the ESDI innovation is continuing , and work Ruiz is an example of yet.




The illustration of the thesis it made

collaborative teaching ESDI Maite Castillo.