November 16 2016
Dr. Pere Navalles gave a conference about neuromarketing at ESDi

On Wednesday 16 November the Auditorium of ESDi hosted a new conference cycle Design and Innovation / Design Smart. On this occasion, Dr. Pere Navalles, Professor of Communication at the UAB, gave an inspiring talk on neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing is the discipline that explores the neural and sensory reactions of consumers to certain stimuli, supported by the knowledge that the vast majority of our buying decisions based on emotions and senses. We have brands that seek social sensitivity (contributions and / or support to NGOs, ...) to create loyalty and purchase others opt to create sensations through the senses.

One of the ways that investigated Dr. Razor is the smell, "the cause-effect relationship between a product and a smell is very important for olfactory advertising," but keep in mind that each region has its olfactory memory and therefore the advertising smell should be very studied. Therefore, to measure, adjust and balance the millimeter to spread the essence so intrusive smell due to rejection.
If you think about it, most shops and franchises specific odor. The air fresheners are part of a brand with the same determination that a showcase, but just be aware. The feeling of likability that produces an aroma that brings satisfaction and positive conditions that help to identify the brand.





On Wednesday 23 November at 12 ends the cycle with a talk about Cloud and Big Data by Jordi Gilabert, director of Konodrac. As usual, you can book your place by emailing