October 22nd 2013
Dr. Eduardo Huerta exposes the ESDi augmented reality project with the company Creactivitat at the Barcelona Design Innovation Cluster

On October 22 at 9:30 am Dr. Eduardo Huerta , ESDi professor and head of the Multimedia Communication and Interactivity Unit exhibiting at the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the ESDi’s augmented reality project realized with the company Barcelona Creactivitat as a connection experience between design researcher - company. This talk is part of the session "Connect your research to a demand for business innovation in the fields of lighting and home automation", driven by the BCD , through the platform BDIC Barcelona Design Innovation Cluster. It is carried out with the aim to connect researchers with business design of home automation and lighting clusters of Catalonia with the aim of promoting joint projects around this discipline.

The program has the support of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism through its support line Innovative Clusters and the ERDF co-financing, European Business Development.