February 21 2017
Dr Sergi Varela gives a masterclass on environmental psychology

The Auditorium has hosted a masterclass by Dr Sergi Valera, an expert in environmental psychology and professor of the Department of Social Psychology and quantitative psychology from the University of Barcelona.

Environmental psychology is one discipline that deals with analyzing the relationships, psychological level, are established between people and their surroundings taking into account aspects such as ergonomics, interior design, architecture, landscaping, urban planning, environmental management, environmental engineering and ecology, urban anthropology, human geography and social and environmental sociology.


This lecture is part of the Integrated Project II, os working on a project to redesign urban space.

The work is aimed at making proposals for action with low-cost resources to intervene in the urban area of ​​the railway station of Sabadell CanFeu-Grace, inviting their citizens to this space related activities or uses already being donor or new proposals that may be interesting and appropriate to local people, looking for a city model more inclusive and alive.

The project is part of the collaboration agreement ESDi and the city of Sabadell signed for this year 2016-2017.