December 12, 2013
Device, Ladydissenyadora and Entresuelo1a, speakers at ÉSDissabte

The student project ÉSDissabte, an event by designers and for designers, reheated engines, and next Thursday, December 12th, in the afternoon, will hold a new session (the fifth) with new beasts Design: Device, Entresuelo1a and Ladydissenyadora .

Device is a visual design studio based in Barcelona which is dedicated to the art direction in design, motion graphics and audiovisual facilities. Meanwhile graph study Ladydissenyadora focuses on publishing and illustration, packaging, lettering and naming projects, among others. Finally, the industrial design studio Entresuelo.1a specializes in original and humorous designs. With their designs dipping cookie in the cup is not a problem.

ÉSDissabte is an extra- university project developed by three students of the itinerary of Design Management ( Multidisciplinary Integration ) of ESDI: Georgina Capdevila, Humbert Clotet and Alain Jaimez , with the involvement of other students. This is a space for debate and discussion for those interested in the world of art and design that have things to say. In short, a day of festive and playful nature (hence the name ÉSDissabte ) born with the desire to bring the experiences of emerging and established designers to design students ESDI , and has ended up becoming , well, a meeting place for professionals and stakeholders in the sector.