9th July 2014
Design by ESDI seized Pedralbes Centre

On Thursday, June 5, located behind the stage space Pedralbes Centre became a showcase to show the designs were prepared, each week, the students of the first year of the Degree in Fashion Design Mode.


The theme this year was ’half hour Barcelona’ and the designs were inspired by the buildings of the Catalan capital emblamàtics, why the theme of the parade was the metro stops.
In total, thirty models came to the gateway to teach transgressors designs, futuristic and loud not leave anyone indifferent.


Parallel and throughout the day, was held ESDiMarket, a project created by the project of HeadHunter (Sandra López and Judith Colom) and collaborate on the same students ESDI. The products on display were faithful to the philosophy of Do it Yourself, as everything was handmade by the same sellers.