June 10, 2012
Design and human capacities

These days you can see the hall of the Biblioteca Vapor Badia de Sabadell exhibition "Design and human capacities." The leitmotif: that design is an ancient activity speaks of the human form of inhabiting the world. These projects of students and graduates of different disciplines ESDI School: Fashion, Product, Interior, Graphic, Audiovisual and multidisciplinary integration. Beatriz Fernandez Recoder, the intinerari Fashion exposes Emotions Packaging: Design, form, function and communication. The design is much more than rational response to a functional problem. Thus, the design also addresses the senses. Design is also communicated through the proper and radical materiality of things. Joan Pons Pedrals, Product Design: Chairport. Design, aesthetics and emotion. The design takes into account your objectives in the parameters of emotional people, contributes to more efficient and technologically complex products simple. Audiovisual Design shows student projects from 2008 to 2011 graduates, such as a clip Tengo, Sebas Navarro, firefighters, Navarro Jiménez of Adria and Pau Puig-Pey Comes, the proposed graphic for television Quèquicom, d ’Efren Parra, or different works based on the concept of time invested, and Distress, by Damian Armengol, Recompose, Serge Soley, or Inside, Javier Zarza. Visual identity to the markets of Barcelona, Albert Grèbol, Graphic Design is Design, Interaction and Experience. The design is more than one discipline. It is an ancient activity that refers to human capacity for better forms of life on earth. The design practice is based on the intersection between culture and everyday life, technology and economics. Ivan Solé officers presented a draft of Interior Design at the Institute of Secondary Education Coats, where design is involved in an ethics of life. The stadium design includes intellectual factors related to survival and dignity. In this sense, design is a challenge and civic conscious of its power to transform and change the universe of material and immaterial realities. Finally, Jansen Teresa Fernandez-Goula, Multidisciplinary Integration exposes sites sites sites of Barcelona, an integrated project of research on Barcelona. Design and user: both ends of a proposition. Proposed design is fundamentally impossible questions to answer definitively. For this reason, the design is a discipline that speech dynamic, open and interdisciplinary.