December 01, 2009
Delivery titles of the graduates of the 08/09 Promotion

The School of Design ESDi held the ceremony of Delivery titles of Degree in Design of the Promotion 08/09. Dr. Anna Papiol, Professor and Director of ESDi until last October, the month in which he retired, read a lecture that was called "Necesidad de la utopía" addressed to future designers. The design, according to Anna Papiol, is a vocational profession aimed to improve the lives of people always looking for a future, understandood as a utopia, which we will never arrive but it’s a stimulus for the progress. 69 new designers of the 103 graduated students picked up the title personally. The medals ESDi also were awarded. This is an initiative of the Commission of students in the Academic Committee. These medals were awarded in recognition of academic and careers of old students of the fifth promotion of ESDi Eva Mateo Barranco, Cristian Cisa Bonet and Eva Gómez Coloma; to the company that has worked with more intensity in the university-enterprises program Gabriela S.L.; and to the best student of the Promotion 08/09 Caterina Serrà. Finally those students that were awarded in national and international design contests during the past year 08/09 were awarded with an special mention. Anna Papiol also received the medal ESDi by her task of dissemination of knowledge. the ceremony of Delivery titles on Mola Tv