November 24, 2010
Delivery titles of Degree in Design of the 18th ESDi Promotion

[...] a specialisation that ESDi created 4 years ago to encourage the mainstreaming and the managing of design, adapting to the socio-day business. The event was chaired by the Chancellor of the University Ramon Llull, Dr. Esther Giménez-Salinas and the President of FUNDIT, Mr. Josep Bombardó i Navinés, who reported the existence of the service ESDiempresa as a support center for entrepreneurs, and as a space that encourages the initiatives of new graduates. Mr. Luis Rodriguez Salgado -Vice-chairman of Cooperative Economics and Entrepreneurship of the Generalitat of Catalonia- with the conference stressed the need of people who generate new ways to produce, market and distribute a product, to discover new uses for ordinary things, looking for opportunities and the creation of companies. Mr. Garrell, General Manager of the Fundit, is confident that the economic recovery of our country depends on the new designers, as the Chancellor of the URL, who addressed to them as the responsible for designing a better world. The ESDi medals were awarded in recognition of academic and career paths to alumni of the sixth promotion of ESDi Roger Arquer, Isabel Giribets and Jordi Serrano; to the company which during the past year has worked with more intensity in the internship program OGILVYONE WORLDWIDE, and the best student of the Promotion 09/10 Macarena Adell. Finally also there was a special mention to those students who were awarded in design competitions during the past year 09/10.