July 06, 2010
Degree Show Parade confirms, once again, the high level of ESDi and its graduates

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The fashion show, called "First Act"- is a promotional platform where young designers have the opportunity to present their Final Year Project to a great audience of professionals and companies of design of all Spain, headhunters, friends and family. More than 700 people who attended to the Poliorama Theatre of Barcelona enjoyed the high level of the creations of the following graduates: Liebe Azcue, Mercè Bonet, Alba Cunill, Paula García, Clara Moreno, Ferrán Valenzuela, Cristina Nicolau, Agata Kozac, Rocío García-Nieto, Raquel Pereiro, Pau Junyent, Judith Jiménez, Cristina Casasayas, María Portella, Elena Henríquez, Elena Velasco, Nerea Palacios, Dora Sicart, Jordina Roca, Mercedes Fernández y Marina Pujades. The parade also served for a tribunal of teachers and fashion professionals might evaluate the final project Massimo Dutti used the occasion to announce the winner to participate in Project Crea, organized in the mark of the 25th anniversary of the brand. The award includes a trip to Paris for two and a one-month and to collaborate in the creation of five items to be sold in stores of the company, and whose proceeds will be for social help in Bangladesh. The student winner was Raquel Pereiro that, thanks to the collection of child delivered along the year, she will start visiting the major trade shows with the shopping and design team of Massimo Dutti. At the end of the parade, Mr. Antoni Garrell -director of the Foundation for ESDi- emphasized the work of new designers were present, and the need to rely on their work, talent and creativity, values that will bring changes to address the current situation.