March 10, 2011
Daniel Yacubovich works exhibited at Estruch hall of Sabadell

It was last November, after three months of work by Professor Daniel Yacubovich. The work consisted, first, by installing a fabric in a long room dimensions. He painted with motifs of a table at lunchtime, tablecloths, plates, etc. and then placed on a table like a tablecloth interpreting a table set. Yacubovih cited a group of people and invited them to eat around the table. While producing this activity took two things. A camera, the roof, especially in overhead shot recorded and projected on a wall in the table activity. The visual dynamics was shown in the wall was formed by several elements: the pictorial beauty of the table, lighting, shadows, people eating and interacting with each other. This produced the desired effect by Professor Yacubovich: display the coordinates of consumption in our society. The current items are consumed in very short periods of time. Consumption is a fleeting touch. Objects no longer have that category "noble"and need marketing and semantics determined to acquire the desired relay. On the wall, reached Yacubovich show the effect of a company with a certain neurosis. Yacubovich’s work has been exhibited until last February and the result has undoubtedly been a success.

Mantells a l’oli - Daniel Yacubovich from ESDi on Vimeo.