6 de junio del 2013
Creativity and high-level design in the Parade of the students of 1 Fashion Design ESDI in Pedralbes Centre

The world of minerals is fascinating for its wealth of shapes, colors and textures from nature. This has been precisely the leitmotiv that have used the first year students of fashion design to develop their work ESDI. Some original creations and full of creativity that showed themselves at the mall yesterday Pedralbes Centre on a common parade where each student (quarantine) showed one of the sets designed. In the words of Deputy Directorate of ESDI, mr. Ignacio Colorado González, activities like this serve students for center "experiment and showcase their work. Most important thing is to give windows to do it."

From the theme ’Minerals’, proposed by ESDI teachers, each student has designed a whole look, creating patterns and tailoring the pieces. As for this previous work, the students have organized into four groups so that each part is organized in: communication, finance, and production models of the parade. This assembly and organization of the event was supervised by members of the Unit for Experimental and ESDI Fashion Application.

The parade of Pedralbes Centre is a real practice that allows students to present their works and designs, the result of everything learned and practiced in the course of projects. In addition, it offers the possibility of contact and feedback from the public, family, friends and strangers, who comes to enjoy the event. 


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