December 01, 2010
Cooperation agreement between the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell and ESDi

This agreement arises from overall spirit of knowledge transfer between universities and businesses, with the aim to offer the skills to function successfully in the workplace. For this reason the members of the Chamber will offer information sessions about entrepreneurship for students of 4th year of ESDi, and all ESDi community (students and graduates who belong to the Old Alumni Association) will enjoy a 40% discount in all training activities organized by the Chamber of Sabadell. You can see here the training offered each month. The first action has been reflected in the Contest Logo of the 125 Anniversary of the Chamber, by 3rd year students of graphic design of ESDi. Antoni Maria Brunet, -President of the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell- and Antoni Garrell -General Director of the Foundation for ESDi- signed the agreement of collaboration between both institutions.