November 3 2016
Continue the cycle of conferences on Smart Design

On Wednesday 26 October the School of Design ESDi de Sabadell hosted a new session of the conference series Innovation & Design: Smart Design. On this occasion, Marisa Catalan, i2cat Foundation, gave an interesting talk on the use of sensors and their use in the objects that surround us.

Starting from the English term IOT, the Internet of Things consists of devices and applications to connect as many objects around us, between them and us, and also gather and distribute information for everyday life.

Catalan said that the Internet of Things is used to measure certain external parameters (either temperature, energy, activity, light, humidity, bugs, etc.) automatically and without human interaction. And these data traveling to a processing center to take appropriate decisions in real time. For example, many cities, like Barcelona, ​​who are implementing wireless sensor networks in many points as traffic lights, vehicles, lighting ...

It is estimated that today there are more objects connected to the Internet by individuals and by 2020, the industry of the sensors and the Internet of Things will get a profit of 1 trillion dollars, especially in the field services.



Furthermore, on 2 November, the specialist in social networks, Kim Ruiz gave a lecture about social networks, its use and how to use them to grow our business.

Currently it is absolutely necessary, and professional and business, have a presence on social networks, said Ruiz, for users, our potential customers are there.

Keep in mind, however, that the digital consumer is a transgressor of the rules established, it behaves just like a physical one online commerce. Therefore, to develop a ’Social Media Plan’, we consider five premises: Who are we headed? (Audience) Why do we believe? (Objectives), where we should be? (Canals) What should we publish? (Content) and when we publish? (Frequency).



The next session of the cycle Smart Design are as follows:

- Wednesday 9th November at 12am, ICT and Telecommunications by Ramon Palacios, an expert in Communications
- Wednesday, November 16 at 12am, Neuromarketing, by Pere Navalles, Professor of the Department of Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona