June 30th 2015
Congratulations to new designers!

The School of Design ESDi held on Monday June 29th the academic ceremony Promotion 2011-2015 Degree in Design.

Students and their families were invited to the School Hall at a ceremony chaired by Dr. Josep Maria Garrell, Rector of Universitat Ramon Llull, that began at 8 pm with the presence of about 400 people.


The ceremony began with a speech from the President of the FUNDIT, Mr. Josep Bombardó addressed to "students’ need to learn, unlearn and relearn not to know more but to know better". Bombardó also recalled that this year will celebrate 25 years of the School, that "mean consolidation and tradition, but it is all done. It is a milestone that should spur correcting errors and improving job training in this attractive design world. " He also expressed gratitude to all persons and entities who at the time believed in the project and have enabled the school exists.

Following the intervention of the new Mayor of Sabadell, Juli Fernandez, who stressed that the Act Promotion "should not be an end point but a point and followed. Note that training is vital to being a good professional. " The mayor also recalled that "the 25th anniversary of ESDi commitment to training but also commitment to the city of Sabadell."

At this time, eighty students graduating this year nineties, they collect their diplomas, accompanied by the applause of friends and relatives.

Mr. Antoni Garrell,  Managing Director of the FUNDIT, expressed his satisfaction of seeing a new class of designers and designers, "people with ability to surprise, innovate, overcome limitations, to accept challenges and to challenge the uncertainty of the future. Designers are those who make scientific progress and technological advancement for the people".



Students Albert Gil and Raul Garcia were elected to represent his class, in a speech filled with anecdotes, tips and acknowledgments: "It all happened very fast, and we realize we’ve passed 4 years, with the feeling that, within us, something has changed (..) If we got here is that we are doing what we like. We are the new generations we must promote change, forcing us to learn, continue to evolve, but doing it in the hands of society. "

Likewise, Dr. Gloria Fernandez, Director of ESDi call the students with the best academic records of the promotion in 2015:
Audiovisual Ex aequo: Carlos Anselmo Garcia del Pino and Cristian Arranz
Graphic: Bayona Jordi Martí
Multidisciplinary Integration: Raul Garcia Gili
Interiors: Elena Martinez Graña
Product: Albert Gil Martinez
Fashion: Enric Marti Cañizares

She also handed a diploma to the company JOU Luz & Design best agreement and co-operation between business and university, who collected the Manager Ms. Maria Ferres.

Finally, the Rector of the URL, congratulated the students for the completion of the stage, urging them proudly wore the "ESDi brand" carried their 20 previous promotions.

And finally this event so special, he invited all participants to a standing dinner which was served in the main courtyard of the school, celebration that lasted until 11 pm.