March 25, 2011
Conference and workshop by Jon Marin at the University of Zaragoza

Jon Marin, professor and investigator assigned to the Department of Product and Interior ESDi, has recently been in Zaragoza, where he participated in a conference dedicated to escodisseny and bionics that have taken place in the School of Industrial Engineering at the University Zaragoza (EUITIZ). As an expert on sustainability and design, Jon Marin has given a lecture entitled "The approach to the natural world from different angles as part of the design process. " Marin has referred notions of bionics and has explained projects that are being made in ESDi related to the use of the environment for a sustainable model focused on improving people’s lives. Marin has also offered a workshop called "Design is not unique to human beings. " After an introduction regarding the various agents that modify the environment he brought students to the countryside to identify elements that can contribute to sustainable and functional design. Many international reference experts in eco-design and bionics (Javier Mateos, Raquel Pelta, Marianne Stocklom and Professor Jon Marín) have participated at The Design and Nature Week. Along the three days a total of 6 lectures and 3 workshops have been organized.