October 19, 2011
Come to our library and help the Haiti kids studying

You probably have seen the information that the posters are hung in the school ... The ESDI will participate in a charity campaign in cooperation with 4 schools in Haiti. It lasts one month (from 5 November to 5 December) and has the following mechanics: The libraries provide a reading room and a schedule of participation in which students make a "donation" of your study time, which should be a minimum of one hour. Students placed in an urn and given the hours of study at the end of the campaign, the sponsors of this project used 1 euro for each hour of study. This means that students do not pay anything, just reverse the efforts of achieving student who has a supportive strap. However, if someone outside the school also wants to participate can do so. As if you have additional questions please see the files on the links on the right bank of the page.