29th April 2014
ESDi and Estruch organize workshops in order to research the design wearable’s, the material, the body and performativity

Close To The Body, a project that explores the emerging space offers smart textile technology to investigate the dynamic relationship between the body, textiles and the environment, and Performativity Matters, the seminar aims to contribute to the understanding of Neo- turn materialistic progress and implications for the creative disciplines of knowledge and experience, organize a workshop in order to investigate how the body influences the material and vice versa.


On one hand, the project Close To The Body will give a studio research of the design Wearables on the 12th and 16th May 16 from 9:30 to 18:30 at the School of Design ESDI. In the other hand, Performativity Matters held a workshop on research subject, body and performativity on the 9th to 16th May to ESTRUCH.


These workshops, which addressed artists associated at ESTRUCH and students of all specialties ESDI entail an exercise that confronts the functionality to integrate the worlds of electronics, fashion design and manufacturing.


Registration to attend these workshops are free, those interested should send a cover letter and portfolio