November 17, 2011
Claudia Casas and Laia Cerdà have been awarded at the Premis REC.0

The event was held at the Museu de Cal Granotes, the district of Igualada and Rec had the presence of a jury of Sita Murt, Josep Abril, Miriam Ponsa, Aurora Segura (journalist for La Vanguardia) and George Ribaudí (Rec.0 team member). After a conference on the future of fashion, by Albert Puyol (Loewe and former fashion consultant), began the ceremony presented by the journalist, communicator and blogger Mary Almenar. The winner of the popular was Laia Cerda of the ESDi, while the winner of the official was Claudia Casas also ESDi that three months will work with TCN Totón Comella. In addition, both won a box of experiences PLANBA! cosmopolitan getaway. _________ From Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 November has been celebrated in the district of REC REC equaled the fifth, an event that exposed this year more than 30 apparel brands and designers. This fair is also organized a competition for fashion schools in Catalonia. Participating students with a mission to personalize a shirt. The guidelines given year were: a jersey customization of basic design and neutral color chosen by the student. The theme was free with the only condition of its use as a garment. From this premise, it could make all the changes and transformations that they wanted. There were no limits to creativity, you could use any material. 16 girls have participated in the 3rd year Bachelor of Fashion Design. We have worked on the subject of Materials and Technology, Professor Fabian Loidi. Students who had applied for the award were: Marta Martinez Moreno Cristina Fernandez Guerrero Sandra Carrion Veneda Laia Cerda Queralt Marta Diaz Aragonés Claudia Casas I Mariona Gil Filella Beatrice Jane Jorba Alba Alonso Contreras