April 08, 2013
Cindy Bangs: "The next step is to grow and become a national reference"

Next Thursday, April 11, at 16.00 ESDi hosts a conference with the designers Claudia Blasco and Maria Anglès, Cindy Bangs: "Pin up lifestyle, from Barcelona with love." Both ESDi graduates decided to start her own project after graduation. Cindy Bangs is an original stamp and personality that identifies and keeps growing. Precisely the May 11 Cindy Bangs store opens in Barcelona (street Milans, 7). To get you started we’ve done a few questions about your project. To know more, you know: appointment on Thursday. How would you define the project Cindy Bangs? Cindy Bangs is a clothing brand inspired by the style of the 40’s and 50’s. Pin up lifestyle, from Barcelona, ​​with love. Where does the idea born? - "Aunt" we build "something." - Vale. - If Viviana (Bibian Blue) could, we. - Absolutely! What is the most difficult path to take? If you trust your talent and work well done, of course you are thinking, but it is the things you care about. We have always relied on a lot of the other and in what we do, and so far we have not gone wrong. One of the hardest things to take are rather say that the lack of resources and expertise. In this sense, Did you do something different? Learn from mistakes. Make clothing inspiration from the forties and fifties. So what kind of woman you purchase? The profile of a woman who buys us is quite broad. We have distributors with very different styles and targets buyers also have very different profiles from girls and women who like style 50s and buy a wetsuit in isolation or not there like the 50 one way but were particularly enamored with a skirt or a dress. To pin ups, models and people stuck very well in this scene wearing every day. Women and bold personality. Set this also be your way? If you ask me to describe, so I would not because if you are, is an unconscious. But yeah, I guess so. What are your sources of inspiration? Our sources of inspiration are first of all the pictures and movies of genuine decades of 40 and 50. But we are also very inspiring review there are other people and brands. We see very inspiring other women to festivals and events dressed in a very elegant and special and personal style, whether clothes as authentic pieces now. Now also open your own store. You should do this next step? We should not do this next step, as it has come alone. Circumstances have led us to make the leap naturally and without thinking too much. Kinda like the decision to mount our brand, the store was open to cross two sentences and was already decided. What we find in the store Cindy Bangs? In the shop you will find Cindy Bangs all our collections and products, Cindy and Johnny Bangs Bangs. And other domestic and foreign brands to offer a wide range of products like that. Since emerging brands and new designers in Barcelona, ​​to brands of USA, UK, Germany long established in the market. A dream for Cindy Bangs? Open shop and workshop center is already a dream! But now the next step is for Cindy continues to grow and become a leader nationwide....