April 12, 2013
Cindy Bangs: "Do not let anyone to say you can not do it"

Everyone knows the famous quote practice makes perfect, and it is true that when you start a project from zero, when being an entrepreneur, is likely that you make mistakes. However, reflecting on the experiences and mistakes can bring us good things and so have expressed Clàudia Blasco and Maria Anglès in their talk at the Higher School of Design ESDi. After finishing their studies, they decided to start their own project: Cindy Bangs, a pin-up style clothing line inspired in the 40’s and 50’s, a label that identifies them as not only part of its design style because they also consider it a lifestyle. According to them, you should not have to fear to be wrong even though at the beginning you will make silly mistakes. Both entrepreneurs decided to make us travel through the development of their project through all the insights drawn from the mistakes that they committed turning them into advice for future entrepreneurs, in a very dynamic way. One of the first thoughts that they transmitted us was that you have to wake up and learn to do everything. Although Maria was initially more interested in pattern design and Claudia in the graphic one and in communication, at the end and in a self-taught way they have ended up performing a lot of tasks they had never imagined themselves doing, no longer being only fashion designers but also graphic and web designers, photographers or even managers.Because as they defined a designer is a person who provides solutions to needs. We were also warned that along the way, you have to be very careful because as has happened to them, you can find"pseudoprofessionals selling motorcycles since for being young people trick you. But ther are also people who have backed them up and who have been very supportive since according to them you have to believe in it a lot and get both friends and familyt involved. Indeed, Cindy Bangs became the center of their lifes, because they were 24h non stop thinking about it and to believe in it has been very positive since despite the small stones that have been found along the way there are now five international and national stores which want to sell their clothing. Therefore, from all the experiences and mistakes they have learned to value their product themselves, so deeply that on May 11 Cindy Bangs will open a store in Barcelona (street Milans, 7). With the story of their project Claudia and Maria have wanted to give hope and encourage future designers to undertake their own projects and not to give up despite initial difficulties and errors. Do not let anyone tell you thay you can not do it. If you feel like and believe in the project it can be achieved they said, and it is right to say that their example is the best motivation for those who have an idea and want to fight for it.