September 29 2015
Award to Eficook by graduated Pol Mas

On 14 September were presented the selected projects for YUZZ Sant Cugat, a program of training and counseling for young people 18 to 30 years with technology-based projects promoted by the International Santander Entrepreneurship (CISE) supported by Sant Cugat City Council, at its 5th edition.


The third prize went to Eficook a tool loyalty to supermarkets through a mobile application that allows customers to make more efficient and reduce food waste. Its promoter is Pol Mas, graduated in Audiovisual Design at ESDi will have a one-year stay free entrepreneurship center Vita Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Moreover, Pol Mas has also started a new project called Frankies Co. and entrepreneurship that leads to market a collection of sunglasses made of wood. If you want to see live next 9th and 10th October will be the Creatus Dominus.