Featured news roundup: 1-8 September
Antoni Garrell, director general of the Foundation for Textile Design FUNDIT, participates at the 15th Telecommunications Day in Catalonia


Antoni Garrell, director general of the Foundation for Textile Design Fund, participates at the 15th Telecommunications Day in Catalonia

Day of Telecommunications in Catalonia to be held on 29 September in CosmoCaixa Barcelona, ​​is one of the most important and representative of the ICT sector in Catalonia, organized by the AETTEC.

This year’s Day focuses on "Opportunities and impacts of digital transformation: What are the limits?" And will have as main speaker former President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas. Also planned is the presence of the Minister of the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Nieves mounting during the welcome and closing ceremony.
It is an opportunity to enjoy free 8 round tables where recognized professionals and gurus of the digital transformation will contribute their views on the impact on cybersecurity, robotics, personal relationships, leisure, education, industry 4.0, between others.
Table 4.0 Industry discussion will be attended by the Director General of ESDi- FUNDIT, Mr. Antoni Garrell, who will speak on "Prototyping: new trends to produce a more cost efficient."



Carlos Lozano graduate in Design Boom published his research with a new material created cane fiber.


Graduates in Product Design by ESDi Carlos Lozano has published an article in the journal Design Boom.
Lozano explains his research project on a new material made from sugarcane fiber. The Arundo donax, or giant reed, cane is a species common in much of the Mediterranean basin, Asia, USA and many more ecosystems. In many places, the species is considered invasive by its fast-growing native plants and reducing its low humidity contributes to the generation and spread of forest fires.

With few productive uses, sugarcane is a perfect candidate for experimentation and development material. The results contained in the Draft Final Grade Carlos Lozano, suggest a wide range of capabilities. Especially, samples containing powdered cane / shavings, rice mixed with bio-resins and corn, wwhich are stronger, malleable and cheap to produce. This composition was applied to different objects to test its real potential.
You can find the full article on the website of Design Boom



Marc Calvet and SlideMedia group participating in the festival with a mapping of Sabadell Joan Oliver

The designer and professor of ESDi Marc Calvet part of the SlideMedia group, who created a mapping to commemorate the Year Joan Oliver on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of the poet, better known as Pere Quart.
The screening took place on Friday 2 September at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Sabadell, in the framework of the Festival City.
SlideMedia Lab is a multidisciplinary organization devoted to research and implementation of audiovisual proposals based on the technique of projection mapping, interactive applications and content creation MotionGraphics. He was recently awarded the Jury Prize at the Festival de Luz y Vanguardias Salamanca.



Visit a school of Italian fashion in ESDi

Wednesday 7 September ESDi was visited by representatives of the school Apro Formazione, located in Alba, in the Piedmont region of Italy.
Specialized training and ongoing Apro aims to prepare young people for the world of work and the recycling of already working in response to local needs and the needs of businesses. His studies include Fashion Design and Pattern wanted to know why the facilities of ESDi and EFPA in Sabadell.
Accompanied by the head of the Unit Fashion ESDi Dolors Giró, visited workshops and classrooms as well as teaching of this specialty in our school. Later they meet with the Director of ESDi, Dr. Gloria Fernandez and Ferran Amago, Director of Corporate Development.
The visit was coordinated by Lluís Rishsak of the International Association for the Internationalisation of talent ACIT and is expected to arise from future collaborations.