July 10, 2009
Alba Serra and Maria Roch, winners in the 1st

On 9th of July was held the 1st "Concurso Joaquim Mercader de Jóvenes diseñadores" in BCIN, the "Palacio de Congresos" of Badalona, organized by the city council of Badalona and the Gremio de Industrias de la Confección de Barcelona, among others. The event took place in the context of a conference designed to promote corporate social responsibility in the textile sector, a sector where the application of environmental respect and respect for human rights are finally appreciated by the market. The fashion show-competition of young designers was thought up by Joaquim Mercader who recently died. And the aim was to join these issues with innovation, creativity and talent of new generations, represented by the designers that were submitted to the competition. Five students of the previous two last years of fashion design of five schools located in fashion in Catalonia were selected to participate. And the jury awarded three first prizes with 2,000 · cash each. Alba Serra and Maria Roch, old ESDi’s student were winners of the category of commercial viability. The graduates Juan Fernández Ruíz, Selim Somavilla, Irene Zugaza, Diana Dorado, and Anna Fernandez also participated in the competition. The young designers were winners of the best collection of the latest edition of Modafad. The girls met while studying in ESDi, and since then they were connected on many points, that is the reason they created the brand Muda. Their aim is to create clothes that does not expire, and that are affordable. ____________________________________________________ Before the award ceremony, Mr. Antoni Garrell, Director of the Foundation for ESDi, went up on the stage to read some words in tribute to Joaquim Mercader "a professional committed to the textile industry who recently died and was the originator of this contest. The Secretary General of the "Gremio de Industrias de la Confección" and Mr. Antoni Garrell gave a commemorative plaque to the Joaquim Mercader’s wife and daughter. "Viaje ’low cost’ a un patronaje puro". El Mundo, 02/04/2009