May 04, 2011
Air Roots and Identity, Mireia Feliu, are presented in festivals

You check what Air Roots is about at Mireia Feliu’s website . The Videoartweek Tetouan is the first international video art festival Tetuan, and it is organized by Fundación Temas de Arte and the Fine Arts National Institute from Tetouan. It will be held from 26 to 29 May 2011. The programme’s got a part of the international video art from several countries, including Spain with a block called "in Contemporary Spain. " 12 audiovisual projected, including the Air Roots Feliu. The festival also has a section devoted to video art by young artists Morocco and Moroccans. In addition, Identity is a piece that just last month was selected for another festival of video art in NY, the "Region 0, the Latino Videoart Festival of NY. " This month, May 2011, will be screened at the href href=’’ title=’’> The Big Screen Project . It also is an international exhibition with pieces from private collections, galleries, museums and independent artists. The festival works in collaboration art schools and considers that its main goal is to be a new platform for the dissemination of emerging artists.