November 10, 2011
Aina Amigó and Marina Pujades, awarded at BDN Moda

The ceremony and parade was held yesterday evening, Thursday 10 November, the convention center and business BCIN. The parade showed the top ten collections that had been finalists. One third of them students of the ESDI (Navy, the Aina and Fernando Valenzuela). The Aina Amigó won one of three prizes, which corresponds to the collection with better commercial viability, the prize was 2,000 euros (the first three awards were given this amount). The Aina was also obsequiada a stay of one year internship in a Chinese company and the opportunity to exhibit at a trade fair in China. As for the Navy received an award granting the sponsors, the prize for best young designer of the event with a collaboration with the magazine and I Modatex woman. The Ferdinand received no award but was honored to be a finalist prizes of fashion design are more powerful than ever, are well known and generate more excitement. The ESDI is proud of its human capital and technical students and graduates.