October 01, 2010
A third of the designers of the EGO were formed in ESDi

On Friday 17th of September was the day that 10 young promising national designers could inaugurate the 10th edition of The Ego of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, a gateway that is becoming more commercial. Among them there were three graduates of ESDi of the last three promotions: Diana Dorado, Natalia Pérez (American Pérez) and Cati Serrà. The three have already achieved success in his short career.

Cati Serra

Human Nature On her return to the EGO the young designer proposes a return to nature, to the sea, through textures like chiffon and rib, and colors like coral, turquoise, orange and white. A sweet and sexy collection, full of shorts and skirts, dresses, culottes, shorts and wide and slides for men.

Diana Dorado

Calm Beach Diana Dorado debuted at The Ego with a succession of dresses and tunics orange with light fabrics that enhanced the feminine figure. Clothes that mimic paper, with pleats, ruffles and huge ornaments.

American Pérez

Tiki High School The firm that won the last edition of the Pasarela Cibeles again surprised with a collection inspired by the journey of a girl in Hawaii. Traditional fabrics combined with other ethnic origin, with items ranging from "casual luxury", the wide and flowing robes, always influenced by the silhouettes of the 70. El Colmillo de Morsa, formed by the graduates Jordi Espino and Elisabet Valecillo were also present at the showroom of Cibeles.