Novembre 24 2016
A talk about Big Data has closed the talks on Smart Design

The Auditorium of ESDi hosted today, 23 November, the last talk Cycle Design and Innovation / SmartDesign ESDi.

This time, James Gali, Software Engineer & Data Scientist Konodrac company has given an informative talk about Cloud Computing and Big Data.

The Big Data is basically a lot of information and data volume exceeds the storage capacity and processing tools available.

In order to process this data existexen softwares that allow the analysis of two ways, either in real time or streaming, ideal for a continuous flow of data, or more slowly or batch, that allows to take larger volumes of information and also allows a better analysis of the resulting data.

That is, the real time gives us basic information, while batch processing enables more advanced analytics.

Gali has also introduced concepts of Machine learning tools to make predictions based on data and thanks to BigData has applications in genetics, medical diagnosis, facial recognition or television recommendations.